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The list page is currently down due to resolving and especially people urging for gdpr complaints (

As I am in no position to handle such complaints I am going to take the safe side until it seems to settle down.

Privacy Policy

Is the bot hostile?

No. It doesnt spam messages, it doesnt't record any of your messages permanently, it doesn't record who mentioned a room and it doesn't record when a room was mentioned.

What data is collected and stored?

To this question 2 things are needed to be known:

  1. The Bot has an internal database of every room it found (Including only a room id hash and a map between those as well as the path took to get to a room)
  2. It has access like any regular user to the room data (Regular synapse is used. Messages are thrown away as soon as technically possible)

For the first half the bot records the room id, a hash of that room id and the childs of a room and the parents of that room based on the room id hash.
For the second half the same thing as with regular Matrix Users applies to the data. The bot can see members, topic, avatar, room name. It can't see messages of the past as those after scanning for aliases get cleared from synapse due to the space required. Any of this data is data stored in synapse as the bot is a regular Matrix user in the same way as you and others are.

However only a subset of that data will ever be publicly made available. This includes: